The more popular way to add one-way links at the moment

one-way link: refers to hyperlinks to a web page, and no corresponding link to the original web page. I according to their actual combat, summed up some ways to add one-way links, but also the more popular way to add one-way links.

1, soft Wen promotion

write some original your website subject report. Published to each big website. Make them your site in the article add a link. A day for two days. You enter you published title in Google and Baidu search. You can see a N web content on your site. That is, the so-called soft writing, of course, this also speaks of relevance.

2, anchor text link promotion keywords ranking

anchor text link is very important for keyword ranking, such as the following description: site navigation site navigation, provide professional and reliable service for individuals, website optimization effective and no risk, can bring a lot of effective traffic for your website. The description of Web site navigation to, search engine to detect and record this keyword corresponding to the link, if there are a large number of "navigation" anchor links to your web page, then search "site navigation page ranking will be very easy.

3, blog marketing,

offers free blog operators a lot, find them and create a blog, blog will provide general add Links function, make a Links to their website, blog reproduced in two related articles, for does not provide Links or A link is not marked, with the anchor text to add to the in the article. According to my experience, the above methods are absolutely useful for Baidu and Google, while the role of Yahoo is less obvious.

4 search for free link resources using search engines

in Baidu, Google search for the following keywords: links, paste, submit web sites, Sub, URL, Add, URL and other keywords, you can find a lot of one-way links to provide web pages, do not have to do without white.

5, forum signature with link

often go to the forum, set in idiograph plus their website links, many articles, many top is stuck. This method has long been used, and now there are still a lot of people doing, in the back of the forum inside someone to buy signature files, no use, others will buy?


6, blog reply and return visit,

replies to other people’s blogs, but it’s better to note that the A tag is the link. Generally you visit other people’s blogs and other people pay courtesy visits.

7, submit website RSS

subscribes the web site to a community RSS reader, with many RSS readers, such as Google Reade>

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Personal website fate worrying, the Ministry of information in disguise expulsion personal website

recently, the Ministry official said, to recognize the legitimacy of individual websites, but in action, it is inevitable to question whether the Ministry of information in the disguised expulsion of personal sites. Legitimacy has not actually been recognized.

a personal website is a useful supplement to the development of the internet.

personal website active Internet plays an important role in history, is a part of the Internet, in addition to government websites and commercial portal website, the website of beneficial supplement to the development of the internet. Personal websites are flexible and close to Internet users to form their own characteristics, especially local and interest websites. Personal websites have more advantages, which are not available for government websites and portal commercial websites. At the beginning of their website, webmasters are full of enthusiasm, use their spare time, or even operate at a loss, making the Internet more colorful and enriching the lives of Internet users.

two, questioned the provisions of the Ministry of industry, there is a disguised expulsion of personal websites suspected of Chinese internet.

– from the end of 09, individual provinces have taken simple and violent measures to break up pornography, resulting in tens of thousands of personal websites being affected and how many legitimate, formal and personal websites have been implicated. Although these measures are taken by individual provinces, the actual result is a doubt that individual provinces have the opportunity to squeeze personal websites by taking advantage of pornography.

— Ministry of Industry issued regulations, personal Adsense is limited to register CN domain name, not long after, and release restrictions.

— the Ministry of industry has a special filing regulations, for forums and other interactive sites, there is no special record is illegal, to outlaw. The Ministry could not know the individual website most did not have 1 million of the capital, also know that 99% individual sites have interactive features, but requires the personal website not millions of funds shall not be filed, so very suspicious of the Ministry to. Some provinces of the communications authority even do not accept personal website for record, so as not to trouble for themselves.

— MIIT 2010 new regulations, said the site for the record to take pictures at the scene. In other words, the webmaster in the south, if stored data in the north of the host, we have to go to the north, now take pictures. This regulation is more demanding, to many webmaster bring difficulties, the road is not to say, amateur management website is not willing to spend money to record, may make many webmaster dispirited and discouraged, give up the website. Will also force the webmaster to find the nearest space provider, convenient to take photos for the record, but increase the economic burden of the webmaster.

three, other relevant departments of supervision regulations, personal website survival environment worrying.

1, the provisions of the radio and television sector: "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" network, audio-visual, film and other types of websites must be approved by radio and television departments;

2, the provisions of the cultural sector: "network culture business license" novel, game and other types of sites need to be approved by the cultural sector;

3, the news office stipulates: "new Internet"

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Webmaster know share know is not equal to meeting

I think a lot of people like me, seems to know, a lot of fortune seems to know the secret of success, and many methods of traffic, seems to know, many master case, marketing skills, seems to know, a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial, Canon, seems to know a lot, not for cognitive flow technology that seems to know a lot of target management, time management, execution management method. But did it work? No?. Why? Because?…… You know too much……

The more

people know, the more they enjoy analysis and dislike action. Think much, do less. Such as SEO, SEO factors that a few, Baidu optimization guide Google webmaster tools have said clearly, read several times, do the details, hard implementation of one of the most important content and the chain, on the line. But some people just don’t believe it. The hardest thing in life is to believe in yourself. Some people like to study, like analysis, participate in this training, participate in the training, look at this tutorial, see that tutorial. And then what kind of automatic optimization tools, buy station group software. In the end, it didn’t work because he didn’t believe the simplest. Why participate in some fees, training is very high, but can get up, because you spent the real money, you believe, and then determined to implement the pain, of course, there will be effect. In fact, some training fee is very high, is also not the same content, such as the Wang Tong SEO training, the most valuable analysis, the website is actually required you to do the "diagnostic report", "website optimization execution plan".

, the key to solving the problem is to seize the essence, and learn more, and ultimately still have to perform to have effect. Did not perform, because there are too many choices, do not know which good, uncertain which effect, in the final analysis, still do not believe. People always want to find a shortcut, often result in a lot of detours. If you just give you a way, just give you a road, tell you, do down will be successful, then I believe that the chances of success will be much higher. Human nature always has a weakness, do not believe in themselves, like to rely on others, preferring to believe others do not believe in themselves. However, the way others walk may not be suitable for you, other people’s approach is not necessarily suitable for you. For example, a lot of training, in advocacy, making money depends on thinking, to know how to leverage, let professional people do professional things, to know how to spend money to invite people. I do not deny, this is a good way, but only suitable for some people, suitable for some basic, resources, experienced people. But if there are some zero foundation and no funds, you can’t do it. So, the best for yourself is the best way to solve your current problems. What to do, what to do, what stage of people, do what stage, think too much, too much learning, will hurt the egg.

learn by doing and learn by doing. To grow in learning and action. If you have any problems at the moment, find the answer to the question. What knowledge do you need right now?

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Muzi interest determines the direction of the webmaster

do not know how many webmaster group asked the same question "what do stand" and "do what the website can make money" this problem seems not to answer, the Internet every day there is a new change, today SNS tomorrow popular popular micro-blog acquired popular Witkey, for individual webmaster not grasp, even if you beat me the popular website also can not really suitable for their own development, perhaps as early as let portal let yourself live forever to catch up from behind, to survive in the cracks, if I say a word "interest determines the direction of"

interest can make you willing to invest the time to run the website, as their work is their own hobbies, I believe that the workers do not have to endure every minute of time, will certainly have a more happy, and personal webmaster choice is more need of interest can make you quickly learn the promotion of soft paper, writing articles send original. By August Baidu also pay more attention to the adjustment and optimization of internal site of originality, choice of interests within the scope of more can let you stand with a fixed member, to make friends on the network, it is possible to use the site make money. As the saying goes, the 360 line ", remember once every day to see the program have a lot of cotton, sugar, popcorn and other ordinary people, we look down, eventually to achieve the best precision to everyone’s admiration. Also remember that a friend in the group is an industry management, do their own good and like the site, you can create more than 3 articles a day, and achieved profitability. So, the final choice is left to you, you have the choice, why not make good use of it, no matter what station, I believe that there are successful webmaster, there are profitable elite webmaster Oh,


as you know the car website is to make money, but most people do not have such resources, no such interest is not to mention how to run well, and the webmaster love movies tv drama, love the latest movies and TV series, the movie network is a natural interest, not only to the more favorite movie friends, but also do website profit goal! I also love because the original stationmaster industry, hope to make more friends to establish a rookie webmaster forum webmaster, also published original articles, this is not my recovery is good, but because of the interest of


finally advised a lot of people who want to set up a site, but have not chosen a good webmaster friend, ask this sentence before ask yourself, I believe there will be a satisfactory answer!


for a long time did not write the original, a bit chaotic, I hope all of you a little help! The author (Muzi)

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Why is the membership system of video sites unpopular Websites rely too much on external resources


video site

This week

/ PU

recently launched an online video advertising on the controversy: on the one hand, the video site that advertising is a legitimate way to make money, is to buy the copyright of the site of the capital, will reduce the number of screen advertisement can watch the video, and ultimately affect the user experience; on the other hand, users of the current for more than a minute video ads expressed dissatisfaction, think of low quality and lengthy advertising is the destruction of arch-criminal user experience. The dispute eventually pull another topic: video website advertising can be removed to provide a membership service, the price is not too expensive (a few dollars a month to ten dollars), why netizens prefer to endure 60 – 70 seconds of advertising, but also do not want to become a member of


may be able to see the status of video site membership easier with data. Youku potatoes group 2013 fiscal fourth quarter earnings as an example: group net income reached 901 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of 42% in fiscal year 2012, net revenue from advertising accounted for 801 million yuan, increase revenue growth was mainly from brand advertisers and business growth in average invested advertisers (advertising volume growth). Thus, value-added services represented by paid members do not contribute to the growth of Youku’s revenue.

why video site membership system is not affected by users like? This paper will make analysis from three angles.

reason 1: do members really experience the "Ascension" experience,


current video site membership privileges are divided into three main aspects: first, skip advertising; two, high-definition experience; three, exclusive film.

Of the three

privileges, the "HD experience" doesn’t make much sense. The so-called "high-definition" mainly refers to the 1080P resolution. The minimum speed required for online viewing of 1080P is 4Mbps, meaning that 4M users can barely support online playback of 1080P video only when other web services are stopped. As regards the current network situation in China, the experience of ordinary users viewing 1080P is not necessarily better than that of 720P.

‘s dominance of exclusive film is not obvious. Now the free BT seeds are everywhere, users can search for a few minutes of patience to find, most users will not look at a few films, specifically for a site to spend money. What’s more, the works in these websites are not exclusive. Maybe members of A’s website enjoy their own films. They are free on the B website.

‘s real privileges for most users are only "skip advertising."". However, when a user sees a period of up to 60 seconds and can not mute the ads, he will first website disgusted, then will think of how to avoid advertising, but the crux of the problem lies in this – paying members really should get a better experience than the average user.

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汗蒸注意事项 汗蒸时千万记住这几点



1、汗蒸注意事项 2、纳米汗蒸注意事项

3、韩式汗蒸注意事项 4、电气石汗蒸注意事项

5、女性汗蒸注意事项 6、冬天汗蒸注意事项

7、夏天汗蒸注意事项 8、春天汗蒸注意事项













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桑拿房 如何正确使用桑拿房



1、桑拿房原理 2、桑拿房浴巾怎么选择

3、家庭桑拿房 4、远红外线桑拿房

5、如何正确安装桑拿房 6、桑拿房好处

7、桑拿房温度 8、桑拿房注意事项





后来,一些富有革新精神的人安装了烟囱,桑拿从此也就有了新颜面。 不过,芬兰的一些地方仍然保留了烟桑拿,但享受一次,却要很多钱,而且很费时间,因为烟桑拿要熏上七八个小时才能达到真正的效果。


桑拿房的工作原理是利用桑拿房内电炉加热炉上的火山石,使火山石温度升高,产生热量。 桑拿房内湿度不够可加入水,产生蒸汽,来调节桑拿房内干湿度的作用。






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汗蒸有什么好处 这样做可以排毒养颜
















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韩式汗蒸 韩式汗蒸有什么好处























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夏天汗蒸的好处 夏天汗蒸居然有这些好处






























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